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21 Card Rummy: A Brief Introduction

Since rummy is now online and has quickly evolved to become one of India's most-loved online games, you can play 21 cards rummy on virtual sports apps. This is a challenging but exciting version of rummy. And, it will keep you occupied for hours. But, before you dabble in 21 card rummy, you should learn a little more about this game.

History of 21 Card Rummy

Not much is known about the origin of 21 cards rummy. It's ancestor, like all other variants of rummy, is the Conquian. It is possibly descended from points rummy because the same format is followed for 21 card rummy.

Number of Decks in 21 Cards Rummy

21 card rummy or Indian marriage rummy is played with three decks. Each deck has the standard 52 cards categorized into four suits - Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and Hearts. There is one printed Joker in each deck.
A minimum of two to a maximum of six players can participate in 21 card rummy.

How to play 21 Card Rummy?

Each player is dealt 21 cards at random. Now, these cards have to be arranged following specific rules to win a round of 21 card rummy. There are several ways you can arrange your 21 cards to win:

  • 1) 3 pure sequences (3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit without a Joker) and the remaining cards into any combination of sets and sequences
  • 2) 8 Jokers in one group
  • 3) 8 Dublees (a Dublee is a pair of 2 cards of the same rank and suit or two Jokers) in 8 different groups
  • 4) 3 Tunnelas (a Tunnela is 3 cards of the same rank and suit) in 3 different groups
So, you see, winning a round of 21 card rummy is much more complicated than say, 13 card rummy, where you just have to form two sequences (at least one pure sequence) and the remaining cards need to be melded into any number of sets and sequences.

Jokers are used in 21 cards rummy. After all the players have been dealt their cards, the topmost card from the facedown stack (closed deck) is designated as the Joker. All the cards of the same rank from all four suits also become Jokers. These are Sterling Jokers. There will also be three printed Jokers (one from each deck). These Jokers are Cut Jokers. All of these Jokers can take the place of any missing card while forming valid sets and sequences.

There are also Upper Jokers and Lower Jokers. Suppose, 6 of Hearts is your Sterling Joker. If you have 5 of Clubs and 7 of Clubs, then 5 of Clubs is your Lower Joker and 7 of Clubs is your Upper Joker.These Jokers are also called value cards. If you get a Joker (of the same suit) as well as an Upper Joker and a Lower Joker, then you will form what is called Marriage. In 21 cards rummy, you win points. Each Marriage will earn you 100 points. Each Marriage will earn you 100 points from each player who has not dropped. If you have two Marriage hands, then you will win 300 points from each player who hasn’t dropped. And, for three marriage hands, you will win 500 points from each player who has not dropped. Remember, in 21 cards rummy, the maximum points you can afford to lose are 120. Your total loss which includes points lost and value cards' score will be capped at 200 points.
Another thing you need to remember about the Cut Joker, Upper Joker, and Lower Joker is that if the Ace of any suit is selected as the Cut Joker, then the 2 of that suit will be the Lower Joker and the King of that suit will be the Upper Joker.
If the Printed Joker is picked as the Cut Joker, then the Aces of all the suits will also become Jokers.

Evaluating the value cards

A player who has not dropped from the game receives positive points for value cards and negative points for any value card that other participants hold.
Here is how points are calculated for value cards:
Type of card Single card Two cards Three cards
Same suit joker 10 30 50
Upper joker 10 30 50
Lower joker 10 30 50

Further points calculation for value cards:

Value cards Points from other players excluding dropped players
2 Upper Jokers 30 points
1 Upper Joker and 1 Lower Joker 20 points
2 Upper Jokers and 1 Lower Joker 40 points
2 same-suit Jokers and 2 Lower Jokers 60 points
1 Joker of the same suit, 1 Lower Joker, and 1 Upper Joker 100 points

How is the total score calculated?

Your score = Points you've won (positive points for winners and negative points for non-winners) + Points you have received for value cards (except the dropped players) – Points given to other players for value cards (except the dropped players)
The amount you win = (Total score * Point value in rupees) – the amount charged by the gaming app
If you do not produce the winning hand, then your card value will be calculated like this:
  • If you have no pure sequence, then the value of all your cards will be added up.
  • If you have one or two pure sequences, then barring these cards, the value of other cards will be added.
  • If you have all three pure sequences, then all the other sets and sequence

How do you win in 21 cards rummy?

To win a round of 21 cards rummy, you will have to produce a valid winning hand. These combinations produce a winning hand:
  • Three pure sequences with the other cards arranged into any combination of sequences and sets
  • Eight Jokers in one group and the other cards will not have to be melded
  • Producing at least eight Dublees, and again, your remaining cards will not have to be arranged
  • Creating three Tunnela, and the rest of the cards will not have to be arranged

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So, go on and download Paytm First Games and start playing 21 cards rummy. We promise you will have a whale of a time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arrange pure sequences first because they are mandatory and only then would you be able to focus on the other aspects of your game plan. Also, keep all the matched cards together so that you know which cards are unmatched and what’s their points value.
Play rummy on Paytm First Games (PFG) to avail the option of instant withdrawal and rest assured that your money transactions will be completely safe. Play against some of the best rummy players in the country and get a chance to win lakhs of rupees.
Yes, in fact, there are more Jokers in 21 cards rummy than in 13 cards rummy. You not only have the Printed Jokers and Sterling Jokers but also Upper Jokers and Lower Jokers.
A toss decides which player at the table will deal 21 cards to all the players. The person who gets the card of the lowest value during the toss becomes the dealer.
Two cards of the same rank and suit form a Dublee. For example, if you have two of these cards - 3 of Clubs and another 3 of Clubs, then you have a Dublee. Remember, you can't form a Dublee with a Joker.
When you have three cards of the same rank and suit, it is a Tunnela. Here too, you are not allowed to use a Joker to complete a Tunnela. Three Printed Jokers, however, can produce a Tunnela. It is called a Joker Tunnela.

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