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Onine Rummy Vs Offline Rummy

Online Rummy vs Offline Rummy

Are you a traditionalist? If so, you probably like playing rummy the old way – with physical cards. Offline rummy certainly has its charms. You play with real cards and get an opportunity to bond with your family or friends when you sit down together for a few rounds of rummy.
Today rummy is also available online. With the onset of the internet and apps era, rummy has been incorporated in many game apps because of its popularity. Have you considered switching to online rummy? If you are doubtful that playing rummy online would improve your rummy experience, then let us describe a few ways online rummy is more advantageous than offline rummy.

Availability of Choice

There are many versions of rummy such as gin rummy, 13 cards rummy, pool rummy, points rummy, gin rummy, 21 cards rummy, etc. You can try out any version when you play rummy online. But when you play with your friends or family, you might have to stick to one variant of rummy unless everyone else is willing to learn and play another version. Online rummy lets you exercise your freedom to choose.

Wager as much Money you are Comfortable with

When you play cash rummy online, you can decide whether you want to be part of a particular table depending on the entry fee. There will be multiple rummy tables where the money at stake will vary in amount. If you don't feel like staking a lot of money, then you can opt for a cash rummy game with a minimal entry fee.
But offline rummy doesn't always let you decide how much money you want to play for. Peer pressure makes it difficult or embarrassing to back out even when we are not comfortable putting a lot of money on the line.

Practice as much as you like

On an app like Paytm First Games, you get the chance to improve your rummy skills by playing free games. If you are new to a particular version of rummy, you can play as many free games as you need. Learn the rules, techniques, develop strategies, and learn from your mistakes – all without losing any money.
When you play rummy offline, losing matches (as you are likely to if you are a beginner) can affect your self-confidence.

You can play anytime you want

Playing offline rummy may be fun but it has a major limitation. You can play only when your friends can make time to play rummy with you. And that is not always convenient. You all have to find a slot when everyone is available and this might also involve traveling.
But rummy online can help you bypass this limitation. On apps like Paytm First Games, rummy games are played all day every day. So whenever you have some spare time, you can play online rummy.
It could be when you are on a bus on your way home from work, or when you are waiting for your appointment with the dentist. You could play an online rummy match during your coffee break or unwind with some relaxing online rummy after a long day of work.

Play against different people

Another limitation of offline rummy is that you will mostly play against the same set of people again and again. And once you become familiar with their strategies, the game loses its thrill and unpredictability.
But online rummy pits you against new players. Every time you play rummy you will come across new people who employ plans and strategies you might not be familiar with. This means, the more you play, the more skilled you become. This also keeps rummy exciting and interesting to you.

Win a lot of Cash

When you play online rummy, you can win more cash than when you play offline rummy. Cash games and rummy tournaments on games apps offer lucrative cash rewards. For example, on Paytm First Games you can win up to INR 50 lakh playing online rummy.
So, make the switch right away. Download Paytm First Games and create an account. Play a few free games to get the hang of online rummy and soon you will start winning a lot of cash in your spare time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rummy is an Indian skill-based card game. Online Rummy is a multiplayer game that is played between 2-6 people. The basic goal of Rummy is to build melds which consist of sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank; or runs, three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit.
Playing Rummy on Paytm First Games is very easy. All you need to do is to download the PaytmFirstGames app, register, and start playing. To play any of the cash games, the player first has to add money to their Paytm account/wallet.
Sets are a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same rank but different suits. Sets can contain Jokers. Example: A Hand of 3 cards of 10 Face Value but a different suit.
Paytm First Games is the safest platform to play online rummy games. It comes from the house of Paytm so it offers a trustworthy & secure platform. If you’re playing cash games, you can get instant cash withdrawals.
13 Card Rummy is the most common form of the rummy game in India and needs a good amount of practice to ace the game. But it is essentially a Game of Skill and with ample practice, one can create a winning hand. The 13 Card rummy game is played with a standard deck of cards with jokers and needs at least 2 players to play. Each player gets 13 cards that need to be arranged in sets.
The Indian rummy game is usually played with two packs of cards with two jokers played between 2-6 players. Each player is dealt with 13 cards and a random card is selected as the Joker. A player has to form valid sets and sequences out of these 13 cards in hand. To do this, a player has to draw and discard cards from the common pack of left-over cards. Once, the player has created the essential sets & sequences, he has to make a declaration to win the game.

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