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Rummy is an ancient card game that is growing more popular by the day because it is thrilling, challenging, and fun. Whether you like to play online rummy or the traditional offline rummy, it is sure to help you spend your free time more entertainingly, and you can also make a lot of money off rummy, especially if you play online.

So, if you are planning to learn rummy, you will not regret the decision. Before you download a rummy app, you need to understand the game well. You have to familiarize yourself with the rummy terminology and concepts. So, here is a glossary of things you need to know.

Deck-A deck is a collection of the cards you play rummy with. In a rummy deck, there are 52 cards divided into ranks and suits.
Rank-Rank indicates the points value of a rummy card. In a deck, the cards are ranked in ascending order - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. There are 4 other cards - Ace, Jack, Queen, and King which are called the high-value cards. Each is allotted 10 points.
Suits-The 52 cards are categorized into 4 suits - Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and Hearts. There will be a card of each rank in each of the suits.
Joker-The rummy deck also contains a card with a joker printed on it. The joker card has 0 points. But, it is very significant in rummy because when you form sets and sequences but you’re missing the card that’ll complete the run, you can use the joker to substitute the missing card.
Set-A set consists of 3 or more cards of the same rank but from different suits. 3 of Hearts, 3 of Clubs and 3 of Spades is an example of a set.
Sequence-To form a sequence, you need to group 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. 3 of Diamonds, 4 of diamonds, and 5 of diamonds will form a sequence.
A sequence can be pure or impure. If you use a joker to form a sequence, it’s impure. A pure sequence must not be formed with a joker.

13-card rummy-This is India’s most popular rummy variant. 2-6 players participate, and each is dealt 13 cards. 13 cards rummy also have further subdivisions such as Pool rummy, Points rummy, and Deals rummy.
21-card rummy-No doubt, the most challenging type of rummy is played with 21 cards that need to be arranged following very specific rules. For example, you need to produce at least 3 pure sequences to win.
Gin rummy-Another popular rummy variant, gin rummy is played with 10 cards, usually between 2 people. It has the unique ‘knock feature’ which allows you to end the game and win if the value of your unmatched cards is less than 10 when that of your opponent is more than 10. If you knock and your opponent's points tally is lower than yours, you'll lose.
Pool rummy-In this version of the 13-card rummy, the pool of money that will be rewarded to the winner is determined by the entry fee. The winner receives the entry fee multiplied by the number of participants.
Points rummy-A monetary value is assigned to the point before the rummy game starts. If you win, you will receive = the monetary value of the point X the total value of the unmatched cards of all your opponents.
Deals rummy-This version of rummy is played with chips, and the number of deals/rounds is pre-determined. The person who wins a deal gets all the chips of his/her opponent. Once all the deals are played, the person with the highest number of chips wins.
Declare-Once you have arranged all your cards in valid sets and sequences following the rules of rummy, you can “declare”. If it is a valid show, then you will win that round of rummy.

The more you play rummy, the more you'll become familiar with the whole glossary of rummy terms. You can play as many free and cash games as you want on rummy apps like Paytm First Games. This app is completely safe and legal. It offers instant withdrawal and absolute safety of transactions. So, start playing right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rummy is an Indian skill-based card game. Online Rummy is a multiplayer game that is played between 2-6 people. The basic goal of Rummy is to build melds which consist of sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank; or runs, three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit.
Playing Rummy on Paytm First Games is very easy. All you need to do is to download the PaytmFirstGames app, register, and start playing. To play any of the cash games, the player first has to add money to their Paytm account/wallet.
Sets are a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same rank but different suits. Sets can contain Jokers. Example: A Hand of 3 cards of 10 Face Value but a different suit.
Paytm First Games is the safest platform to play online rummy games. It comes from the house of Paytm so it offers a trustworthy & secure platform. If you’re playing cash games, you can get instant cash withdrawals.
13 Card Rummy is the most common form of the rummy game in India and needs a good amount of practice to ace the game. But it is essentially a Game of Skill and with ample practice, one can create a winning hand. The 13 Card rummy game is played with a standard deck of cards with jokers and needs at least 2 players to play. Each player gets 13 cards that need to be arranged in sets.
The Indian rummy game is usually played with two packs of cards with two jokers played between 2-6 players. Each player is dealt with 13 cards and a random card is selected as the Joker. A player has to form valid sets and sequences out of these 13 cards in hand. To do this, a player has to draw and discard cards from the common pack of left-over cards. Once, the player has created the essential sets & sequences, he has to make a declaration to win the game.

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