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Player vs Player Bonanza
at Battle Centre

Player vs Player Bonanza at Battle Centre

Gone are the days when you had to download bulky games, only for it to get monotonous and deleted later. Paytm First Games features the most engaging puzzles and action games that reward you with loads of prizes and real money.

An important segment of the platform is the Battle Centre that is home to a plethora of player vs player games. Compete with friends and other gamers in various gaming categories and prove that you are the best among them all.

What is Battle Centre?

Battle Centre sees many popular puzzle and action-based games under one roof for some multiplayer fun. These games function on a player vs player gaming format. The primary objective of these games is to beat the top scores made by other players and make your way up the leaderboard. This makes Battle Centre a highly dynamic one on one gaming experience where the competition never ends.

The games in this collection are simple yet captivating. Thus, anyone can join Paytm First Games to try their hand at any game in the Battle Centre collection. Players can join these games by spending a few points earned through daily spins and other activities. When players win a game, the money is directly transferred into the Paytm Wallet.

History of Online Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games have been around for quite a while now. While player vs player games were often played in analogue arcades for years, they made their way online only in the 1990s. India joined the trend in the mid-2000s as cheap and high-speed internet became common across the country.

Since then, multiplayer games have transitioned from PCs to smartphones. One of the biggest mobile gaming markets in the world, India is now at the centre of attention with its multi-million user base.

Paytm First Games has been built as a platform that appeases diverse tastes of India's evolving gaming population. Paytm First Games is able to do so with a multiplayer game collection that regularly updates and grows. Also, since gamers spend countless hours honing their skills, the platform rewards them with cash prizes upon surpassing the existing records.

How to Play Battle Centre

The games on the Battle Centre are fairly simple with a short and easy learning curve. But sustaining performance on a competitive level is equally difficult. Hence, practice is key in such games in order to understand and perfect the gameplay. Competing against numerous other players does increase the challenge to reach a high score, but it also brings in a fresh air of excitement to the whole gaming experience.

Best Multiplayer Games at Battle Centre: Here is a sneak peek into some of the best online multiplayer games at Battle Centre.

1. Jetpack: If you think simple games are easy to play, this one will change your mind. Control the Jetman jump by tapping your screen as he moves side to side. Every time he successfully reaches one end of your screen and bounces back, you get a point. The catch - you need to control the height of his jump in order to avoid the deadly zappers.

2. Chor Police: A racing game where the objective is for you to evade the police. From a race car to a tractor, choose from multiple vehicles that are ideal for manoeuvring around the track. Evade the police during a race by making sharp turns to leave them in knots. Dodge police cars and make them crash into each other to end a pursuit.

3. Bricks shooter: Simple yet captivating, the games objective is to clear as many rows of bricks as possible. Once each of the four brick rows is full, the row gets removed. As you go further in the game, the speed of the incoming bricks increases.

That is where your hand-eye coordination comes into play. You need to spot the gaps in the columns as soon as possible and fill them in. This measure gives you more time to attack the next layer of bricks.

4. Retro Tetris: A much-loved classic, Tetris has been around for ages and has still not lost its charm. However, Paytm First Games adds a PvP twist that spices up this classic.

While you stack up your bricks to make a clear line, a small window on your screen shows you how your opponent is performing. This modern twist to the game heightens the excitement of an already competitive game.

Explore Fun Game Options on
Paytm First Games

Explore Fun Game Options on Paytm First Games

Battle Centre pushes the envelope of what 'Player vs Player' games could be. In addition to PvP games, there are many other fun options on Paytm First Games to engage the Indian gamer. Here are some of the other categories that you could explore on the platform.

  • Fantasy Games
  • Sports Games
  • Social Casino
  • Quiz Games

The platform is tailor-made for the Indian populace that is always on the lookout for fresh, challenging games to pass the time. Players can also add their friends on the platform and discuss games on the in-built chat system.

But the biggest highlight of Paytm First Games is surely the opportunity to earn money. However, it is not just Paytm cash that players stand to win, the points from a game can also be used to unlock discount coupons from various partner platform. So, join Paytm First Games now and make the most of this engaging gaming experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Paytm First Games?
    Paytm First Games is an all-in-one app made by Paytm for people who love Sports. Card Games, Tournaments, Trivia & everyting entertainment.
  • Why Paytm First Games?
    Paytm First Games boasts of over 300 games with a gaming community that's 4.5 Crores strong. Players can win special tournaments in the platform and can earn up to Rs.5 Crores in Paytm Cash.
  • How to Earn Money from Paytm First Games?
    You can play exciting games like Rummy, Fantasy, Ludo, or Multiplayer Games to win money. You can also claim daily bonus offers or participate in exclusive tournaments to earn lakhs in real money every day.
  • Is Paytm First Games Safe?
    Paytm First Games app is 100% Legal, Safe, and Secure. The app is handcrafted by Paytm itself and comes with Paytm's Seal of Trust.
  • How can I Refer My Friends?
    You can refer your friends to Paytm First Games by going to your profile and clicking on the 'Refer and Earn' option. By referring your friends you can earn up to Rs.20,000 in cash prizes while playing exciting games with them!

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