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Since the birth of the internet, gaming has reached unprecedented heights. Online gaming has been at the forefront of huge innovation in this field. The availability of online gaming on so many platforms is what makes it marvellous.

From PCs to consoles and now to handheld devices and even mobile phones, online games give you the chance to compete and test yourself against the best gamers in the country. This shows you how good you are and motivates you to be better. Paytm First Games gives you the chance to not only enjoy a whole host of enthralling online games but also earn Paytm cash for it.

How to Play Free Online Games?

Paytm First Games' is an online gaming platform that is the perfect place for you to come and enjoy yourself. Instead of playing the same old Play Store games, you can play rummy, solitaire, Basketball Hero, pool games, Wheel of Fortune, action games, racing games, cooking games for girls, block puzzle shooting games, quiz games for kids, cards games, poker, ludo, sport games,and so many more 2-player or multiplayer games online.

If this wasn't enough, you also have the golden chance to win Paytm cash that will go straight into your Paytm wallet. You can use this money however you please.

Online Games to Play and Win

Paytm Cash

1. Action Games
  • Snake Wars: Here, you need to manoeuvre your snake in such a way that you collect as many stars as possible while evading the other snakes on your screen.
  • Hot Blood Hunter: A stream of creatures charge towards you as your hunter does his best to shoot them down. Move him around smartly to protect from the wave of attack while picking up the boosts available.

  • Cooking Master Games: Here, you are the restaurant manager. Prepare meals for your customers within the stipulated time to earn rewards. The better you do, the more coins you earn and the larger your restaurant will grow in this online game.
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2. Puzzle Games
  • Candy Match: As candies drop into your grid, form sequences of the same candy to eliminate them. The further you progress through the levels, the tougher the matchmaking gets. How far do you think you can go?
  • Block Puzzle Games:Place the given blocks in your frame. Once a complete row or column gets filled, the blocks get crushed. Your game ends when your frame can't fit any more blocks in them.
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3. Sports Games
  • Basketball Hero: This is your chance to pay tribute to the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. Score as many times as you can while the timer runs against you.
  • Fantasy games: This is your chance to show the country your knowledge and understanding of different sports. Play fantasy cricket and win huge Paytm cash rewards.

  • Cricket Smash: One over is all you have. Score as many runs as you can while the bowler does his best to deceive you. Score more and win more.
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