How To Play Paytm First Captains | Fantasy Sports
November 29, 2019

Paytm First Captains is played using your knowledge and understanding of the sport of your choice. One of the best ways to become a pro is to learn Fantasy Cricket, Football & Kabaddi tips alongside the rules, strategies, and the points system that will help you win.

Wondering why Paytm First Captains is loved by so many? We've some things you should read:

So let's talk about what you need to know for scoring some points and being the captain of your dreams.

Select a Match:
Select any Cricket, Kabaddi or Football match under “Fantasy“ tab on the home page of our app.

Join a Contest:
For the selected match, join a practice or paid contest by clicking on the button right next to the fixture. Easy peasy.

Paid contests let you win cash and have a minimal entry fee. You can pay with your Paytm wallet or any other payment method mentioned there.  And as mentioned above, there are free contests at the bottom for you to practice or play for fun!

Create Your Team:
Time for the fun part! After you have selected the contest you want to join, you can now create your ultimate fantasy team with your favourite players.  Depending on the format, there are different rules you need to keep in mind while entering this Fantasy Cricket/Football/Kabaddi league.


🏏   Fantasy Cricket  🏏

crick GIF

Rules for Normal Format

With a salary cap of 100, you can create a team of 11 payers with a minimum of 7 players from 1 side of your team.
  • Wicket Keepers (WK): Pick minimum 1 and maximum 4
  • Batsmen (BAT): Pick minimum 3 and maximum 6
  • All Rounders (AR): Pick minimum 1 and maximum 4
  • Bowlers (BOW): Pick minimum 3 and maximum 6

Rules for Quick Format
Here you create a team of 6 players with a salary cap of 55. You can have 1 Wicket Keeper, 2 Batsmen, 1 All Rounder and 2 Bowlers.

Rules for Batsman Format
The salary cap is the same here as above, 55. You can create a team of 6 players from a pool of Wicket Keepers, Batsmen and all-rounders.

Rules for Bowler Format
You can create a team of 6 players from a pool of Bowlers and All-Rounders. Salary Cap is 55. 


🏅  Fantasy Kabaddi  🏅

kabaddi GIF

Rules for Normal Format

Salary Cap is 100 and you can create a team of 7 players, where you select a maximum of 5 players from 1 side in your team.

  • Defenders (DEF): Pick minimum 2 & maximum 4
  • All-rounders (AR): Pick minimum 1 & maximum 2
  • Raiders (RAID): Pick minimum 1 & maximum 3

⚽️  Fantasy Football  ⚽️

football GIF

Rules for Normal Format

Here, the salary cap is 100 so you can create your fantastic football fantasy team of 11 players (that was a mouthful 😀). You can select a maximum of 7 players from 1 side in your team.

  • Goalkeeper (GK): Pick at least 1 player.
  • Defenders (DEF): Pick minimum 3 and maximum 5
  • Midfielders (MID): Pick minimum 3 and maximum 5
  • Forwards (FOR): Pick minimum 1 and maximum 3

To select your players, simply click on the + button next to the player's name to add them to your fantasy team. While selecting players, we suggest you keep an eye on the following: 
– Number of players added to your team
– Available credits
– Deadline for team submission

There's more, guys. 👇

You Can't Possibly Have A Team Without A Captain and Vice-Captain, Right?
After creating your fantasy team, youɽ choose a Captain and Vice-Captain for the team.

  • Captain: Gets 2x points scored by the player
  • Vice Captain: Gets 1.5x points scored by the player

Enter Contest:
All set? Now you enter the contest with your newly created fantasy team by clicking on confirm. 

Edit Team:
You may have doubts, we all have ɾm. That's why you can edit your team on First Captains.
To edit your team, tap on the fixture under “My Contest“ tab. You will be taken to the Upcoming matches page where you will be able to see your team name under the specific contest. Tap on the pencil icon next to the team you want to edit. And that's it. Your finishing touches are done.
But hey, p
lease bear in mind you can only edit your team until the team lock deadline. You can check the deadline on the Home Page or by tapping on “Fantasy“ in the bottom tab of the game.

Follow the match & keep a track of your fantasy scorecard under Live tab in My Contests.  All scores are updated every 5 minutes.

Aye Aye, Cap! Enjoy your much-deserved winnings.
All your skills in choosing the right players at the right time will reflect here. Your winnings are credited directly to your Paytm Wallet for you. Hassle-free, isn't it?

So, all you captains under that hood, this is a shout out to yɺll. Be the captain that you are with Paytm First Captains and enjoy the thrill of having your very own Cricket, Football and Kabaddi Fantasy teams.


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