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Fantasy Cricket Online

Cricket is more than just a sport for us Indians -- it is a passion. India has always been among the best in the world when it came to cricket, and we take great pride in our nation's team. Our land has given birth to some of the greatest players to play the sport and will do so in the future too. From Kapil Dev to Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli to Prithvi Shaw, the talent here is limitless. Winning is important and our team barely disappoints, having won two World Cups, the T20 World Cup, and two Champions Trophies. This sport is also an integral part of our culture. Matches against Pakistan, Australia and England unite the whole country as we cheer for our boys in blue.

Over the years, the way we consume our cricket has also evolved. Back in the day, we relied on the skill of the commentators to convey the action as we huddled around the radio. As technology advanced, we shifted to black-and-white TVs, then came the colour TV, and now, we can stream cricket matches on any device that has an internet connection. In this day and age, being just a fan and spectating is a thing of the past. Being as opinionated as we are, we need a place to prove that our opinion on a certain player is correct. This has led to an explosion in the popularity of fantasy cricket.

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is played on an online gaming platform and is designed such that cricket enthusiasts like you stand a chance to earn cold, hard Paytm cash. Gone are the days where you would have to waste time playing the same mundane games as you try to kill time. Paytm First Games' all-new Fantasy Games called First Captains is your go-to game to enjoy fantasy cricket at its finest. With a wide choice of matches from across the world, you have the chance to win a lot of Paytm Cash even if your favourite team isn't playing.

How to play fantasy cricket online and earn Paytm cash?

Fantasy First Captains is a Paytm First Games game where you get to win money for being a cricket pundit. Once you download the app and register yourself, you need to pick a fixture you want to play in. Next, you need to pick a team of 11 players from the players available for that match. You will also be shown the points each player has won as well as their value. You are allotted a total salary of 100 from which you need to assemble your squad. The better the player, the higher his value -- this will lead to more of your salary getting used up.

This is where you need to play it smart. Striking the right balance between players who are popular and in form and the underrated ones is important. It is not possible to get all the in-form and big-name players and hence, you need to pick and choose who you think will perform on that particular day. Factors like pitch conditions, the form of the opposition, the form of the team, etc. also matter in the grand scheme of things. While others go for the established players, finding your hidden gems is the key to winning all your fantasy cricket matches and taking in more Paytm Cash.

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Another key factor that will determine your winnings is picking the right players as captain and vice-captain. While every player gets points for their contributions in the match, like scoring runs, taking wickets and catches among others, your captain and vice-captain are special. At the end of the match, your captain's points get doubled while your vice-captain gets one and a half times the points they actually scored. Hence this decision could make or break your performance in that match. While most might stick to appointing the tried-and-tested star players as their captains,opting for others who have lots of potential or are in good form might be the X factor.

While selecting your team, it is important to keep in mind that you can pick a maximum of seven players from one team. So, picking the important players who you think will surely perform is critical as this will help you structure your team accordingly.

When you pick your team, you need to pick the contest you wish to compete in too. There are a whole host of competitions for you to compete in. Choose from mega contests that have hundreds of people participating. Based on your end position on the leader board, you will receive your reward. Head-to-head contests are those where only two people compete, and if your score is higher than your opponent's, you get the entire prize pool.

Winner-takes-all contests are for the gutsy cricket fanatics out there. Here, you need to go big or go home as you will take home the entire prize pool if you finish first or lose it all. Last but not least are the Free Contests for beginners to get the hang of how fantasy cricket works. This is apt for those trying this out for the first time. Once you are comfortable and understand how to win Paytm cash, you can go for the other contests.

Why Should You Play Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket as a sub sport has exponentially grown in India over the past few years. KPMG's study on fantasy cricket's popularity stated that by the end of the year 2020, there would be over 100 million players. The monetization of fantasy cricket is another big attraction as it gives people the incentive to do their research and play seriously. Paytm First Games' Fantasy Cricket matches are crafted so that you enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest. You have the opportunity to compete against like-minded cricket enthusiasts who share your passion for cricket as well as fantasy cricket.

Fantasy games offer you the chance to play and win cash daily. With the IPL 2020 season right around the corner, now is the time for you to join this community. Fantasy football is also something you could be interested in given that the Premier League is reaching the business end of the season. So why play those same old games when you can win real Paytm cash with Paytm First Games' fantasy cricket. Download the app now!

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