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Indians love cricket. We are absolutely passionate about it. Whether it is a test series, ODI tournament or T20 series, we like to keep up with whatever is happening on the pitch. And the one question we frequently ask is, what is the score?

If you are working or are busy, it is not always possible to watch the match to see how many runs your team has scored or how many wickets have been taken or how many overs are remaining. Fortunately, gone are the days when you would have to wait for the next day's newspaper to find out the score or wait until the sports section of the news starts to know the live score. Now, you can easily find out all the information that you want including the live score, simply from your phone.

Today Cricket Live Score

You don't have to be at your home with your newspaper or in front of your TV to find out the cricket score. You can know the live score anywhere ‒ while on the bus or train, on your way to work, while waiting in line at the mall. True cricket fans can get live cricket scores whenever they want. Just because you can't watch the match doesn't mean you won't be able to catch the live score. Moreover, you will also get all the information you need on the IPL T20 time table, premier league tournament, upcoming cricket match, and more.

Yesterday Cricket Score

There could be many reasons why you missed the match yesterday. You may have had a deadline, guests may have visited or your internet or TV connection was disrupted. But now, you can simply find out yesterday's cricket score as well as the live score today.

IPL T20 Cricket Live Score

There are so many matches in the league stages of the IPL that even the most passionate fans cannot watch all the matches. Worried that you might miss the live score of the important matches? We have some good news. Here, you will find regular updates on IPL live score. So even if you cannot watch the live match, you will not be deprived of knowing the live score. Do you find it difficult to keep track of which IPL match will be played when and on what day? We got you covered! Here, you will find the detailed IPL 2020 schedule including match time, date, and venue. Never miss your favorite match with our IPL T20 schedule.

Being familiar with the IPL 2020 schedule and live score is crucial to know how you will create your fantasy cricket team. So, increase your chances of becoming the champion of any fantasy cricket tournament by checking out the live score here.

Upcoming Cricket Matches

True cricket fans always want to stay updated regarding any upcoming cricket match. It could be an upcoming IPL cricket match or upcoming CPL cricket match. Now you will never have to miss your favorite team in action just because you did not have enough information on the upcoming cricket match. Here, you will find extensive time tables for both international and domestic upcoming cricket matches. Once IPL 2020 starts, you can easily find out which matches are scheduled for the next few days from our extensive IPL 2020 schedule.

All Upcoming Matches

As a cricket fan, we know that you like to know everything possible about all upcoming cricket matches ‒ which team will take on which team, what day is the match scheduled, if there is any upcoming CPL cricket match, etc. Whether it is a test, ODI or T20 series, here you will find all the information that you want ‒ upcoming cricket match, premier league tournament, upcoming IPL cricket match or upcoming CPL cricket match. Here, you can also find the latest news on which players have been included in the final 11 of the match (after the toss), which players are injured and this kind of information will help you decide if you want to make changes in your fantasy team in the future.

Staying in touch with the live score, upcoming cricket match, and news on teams and players mean everything to cricket fans and is also crucial if you are participating in fantasy cricket. Here, you can find all the information anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Paytm First Games users will be able to get ball-by-ball score updates of the Indian T20 League matches. Cricket fans can follow live score updates at https://paytmfirstgames.com/cricket-live-score and on the Paytm First Games app
Fantasy cricket players can visit https://paytmfirstgames.com/cricket-live-score or download the Paytm First Games App to get live score updates from cricket matches played around the world.
You can find ball-by-ball updates of cricket matches on the Paytm First Games website ‐ https://paytmfirstgames.com/cricket-live-score and on the Paytm First Games app too.
Paytm First Games provides live score updates of all Indian T20 League matches. Cricket fans can visit https://paytmfirstgames.com/cricket-live-score or download the Paytm First Games app to get live updates during the Indian T20 League.
The 13th edition of the Indian T20 Fantasy League will begin from September 19. Defending champions Mumbai Indians will face Chennai Super Kings in the opening match in Dubai. The final is on November 10.
Mumbai Indians have won the most number of matches in IPL history. The four-time champions have won 108 matches, while Chennai Super Kings are second with 101 wins. The 2012 and 2014 winners Kolkata Knight Riders have won the third-highest matches in IPL - 92 wins.
Delhi Capitals (DC), Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) haven't won an IPL title yet. RCB reached the final three times, KXIP finished runner-up in 2014, while DC are yet to make an appearance in the IPL final.
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