Your Brief Guide to the Game of Rummy Online

PFG- Rummy-CTA-DownloadAre you a fan of rummy? Even if you have never played rummy before, we can assure you that you will fall in love with this thrilling card game. Whether you are a rummy expert or a newbie, we would advise you to switch to rummy online.

The card game becomes even more exciting when you play rummy online. You are pitted against new players. And, you can learn new strategies when you try to defeat them. Besides, you can play from the comfort of your home. Also, you don’t even have to meet up with your friends to play with them. They can just join the rummy table online. And, you can win exciting cash rewards too!

So, here’s all you need to know about the game of rummy.

What are the Basic Rules of Rummy Online?

The rules of rummy online are the same as offline rummy. You will be dealt cards. For example, in 13 cards rummy, you will be given 13 cards. You will have to arrange these cards into valid sequences and sets. You will need at least one pure sequence with a supported impure sequence.

Just like offline rummy, in rummy online too the rummy deck consists of 52 playing cards and one Printed Joker. The cards are ranked from 2-10 and there are four high-value cards – Ace, Jack, Queen, and King (each with 10 points). The 52 cards are divided into Clubs, Spades, Hearts, and Diamonds (suits).

A card is chosen randomly from the remaining cards once all the players at the table have been dealt their hand is designated as the Cut Joker. All the cards of the same rank from all the four suits also become Jokers. Both the Printed Joker and Cut Jokers can take the place of any missing card while forming valid sequences (except pure sequences) and sets. 

The first one to arrange all his/her cards into valid sequences and sets produces a valid hand and can declare. This person emerges as the winner of the rummy game. There is a declare button on the rummy app which you will have to press when you have melded all your cards into sequences and sets. 

Where to Play Rummy Online?

Games of rummy can be played on any reputable gaming app. For example, Paytm First Games (PFG) not only brings you a plethora of fun and challenging sports but also lets you play rummy online (free games, cash rummy games, and tournaments).

Once you enter your phone number, the download link will be sent to you. Them, you will have to download and install the PFG app. Once you create your account and come up with a user name, you can play unlimited games. At every rummy table, a minimum of two or a maximum of six players can participate. You also get the option of dropping if you feel that your cards cannot be arranged.

The best part of playing rummy online on PFG is that you stand the chance to win enormous cash rewards. Besides, this rummy app is safe, secure, and explains rummy rules in details. 

So, take your rummy experience to a whole new level by playing rummy games online. It will up the excitement and the rewards too are lucrative. 

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