What Is Legends of Runeterra (LoR)?

Legends of Runeterra (LoR), a recently launched game by Riot Games, is for those players who love strategy & card game and are looking for something different. The game is set in the world of League of Legends where skill, creativity and cleverness determine your success.

Want to know how to play this game? Well, each player begins the match with a hand of four playing cards randomly selected from their card deck, a 20-health-point nexus, and zero mana. To play cards you have to spend mana, and each player only has a set amount each turn. As the game goes on, mana increases, allowing players to use more powerful cards or cast multiple cards in a turn. 

Champions, Followers, and Spells are the three types of cards that are used in this strategic game. Champion and Follower are the “units”, cards that stay on the field and battle for the players. Champions are generally the most powerful cards in the game, and each has a unique criterion that, once met, will level-up the card to a more powerful version. Also, don’t forget to call your Allies that can help you to attack your opponent’s nexus.

Followers are normal units that have all the basic functions of a unit card, but don’t level-up to Champions. Spells have effects like buffing allies with more health, dealing damage to enemy allies. These cards will help you achieve the sole objective of dealing damage to your opponent’s nexus and get them down to zero so that you can win.

Wondering how does your opponent’s health points get to zero? 

When attacking, if no opposing card blocks, the card will hit the enemy player’s nexus, dealing damage equal to its power stat. If the attacking card is defended against a blocking card, the two cards will clash, dealing their respective damage amounts to one another. Each card also has a health stat. If the damage received is greater than or equal to the health stat of the card, it is destroyed.

In LoR, Every Move Matters
Each round, players alternate between being the attacker and the defender, but every time an action is taken the opposing player always has a chance to respond. And here’s how an entire round could play out:

Understood the game? Try your hand in Legends of Runeterra (LoR) now and seize the chance to be legendary.

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