Top Rummy Strategies That Rummy Pro Players Will Not Tell You

PFG- Rummy-CTA-DownloadRummy is one of the most popular card games. Though enjoyable, the matching card game is quite tricky. Thus, it takes time to master. Rummy players are required to create melds comprising three or four cards of the same rank (sets) or the same suit (sequences). Other terms related to the game must also be understood properly whether you are playing rummy online or otherwise. However, merely reading the instructions and learning the gameplay isn’t enough to beat your opponents. Rummy pro players play the game strategically and use certain tricks to win over and over again. In this article, you shall learn a few such strategies that rummy experts will never tell you. So, let’s get started!

Create Confusion

One of the best ways to get an upper hand in the game is to confuse your opponents. How? Well, this can be done by throwing low-value cards a couple of times as the game begins even though you have high-value cards and should discard them first. This is because by doing so you will create an impression that you do not have high-value cards and are closer to declaring the game. It will create an intense atmosphere, make the game more interesting, and increase your odds of winning as the other players will try to declare first by making hasty moves.

Focus on Pure Sequence

Your focus should be on creating a pure sequence from the very beginning as it is essential for declaration. This sequence comprises three or more consecutive cards that must be of the same suit without a joker.

Categorize the Cards Strategically

As soon as you get the cards, try to club the similar ones together to group them appropriately as per the gameplay. Any new card drawn from the deck should also be placed in the right group. By categorizing the cards strategically, you are more likely to win at the game.

Some rummy apps arrange the cards based on their color and suits automatically as you hit the ‘Sort’ button.

Use the Joker Card

Another strategy is to use the Joker card strategically. It can be used as a substitute for any missing card to create a sequence. So, use it to create one at the right time. Using it tactfully at the right time can prove to be a game-changer

Observe Others’ Moves

Merely sorting your cards and strategizing your moves based on the cards you have been dealt wouldn’t help. To become a rummy expert, you must keep a watchful eye on your opponent’s moves and strategize yours accordingly.

We hope these tricks will help you play the game more efficiently and become a pro at it. You shall be able to inculcate these strategies tactfully as you play the card game more frequently. Do let us know if you are already using any of these tricks and how helpful these are? Also, do share with us if you use any other special trick to win the game. We would love to hear from you!

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