Top 5 Emotions you Experience while Playing Online Rummy

Online rummy games are filled with so much excitement and are a roller coaster ride of various emotions. The ebb and flow of the game are so fascinating that it becomes difficult to keep your emotions under check. But to stay focussed, plan and execute your strategies, and come out on top, you need to balance your emotions, before they get the better of you.

You need perseverance and patience to win a game; a single move can ruin the game and give your opponents an edge over you. It is very important that your focus does not shift and to do so you need to know how to keep the emotions that might swing the game away from you under control.

Emotions to Keep a Check On

As an online rummy player, you will go through an array of emotions while playing rummy card games. Following are some common emotions that most online rummy players go through; understand how to keep them in check and you will conquer the game of rummy.



Anxiety is very common, as you want to win a game but don’t know what lies ahead. This emotion comes from a place of uncertainty. During rummy games, you may have noticed that you also go through this emotion, but if you are able to acknowledge it, stay focussed even then, and execute the moves you want, you will win the game.

The First Games app, India’s best rummy app, is RNG certified, so the dealing and shuffling of cards is totally random. So, as a rummy player, you are not quite sure as to which card you might be dealt with, which can lead to anxiousness. In such a scenario, you need to remind yourself that you need to stay calm, else you will make bad decisions that will cost you the game.

If you have been dealt a bad hand, you can opt to drop from the online rummy game. Know that dropping from the game does not mean that you are giving up, sometimes it is the best decision that you will ever make, as you minimize the losses. Keep the anxiety levels in check, focus on your skills, and execute your plans to perfection, the game will be yours.



Anger is a very strong emotion that will lead to your downfall not only in online rummy but also in any walk of life. Online rummy players go through this emotion mainly when they know they are about to lose a game, make a bad move, or an opponent is taking a lot of time to make a move.

While things that your opponent does may not be in your control, try to focus on things that you can control. Understand that online rummy is a game of skill and you can only control the cards in your hands. So, don’t lose your calm in situations that you are not in control of. The anger or desperation might creep into your game when you don’t get the desired card to complete a set or a sequence.

This emotion will hinder your decision-making ability and cause you to make a bad decision, perhaps in the most crucial time of the game. The best way to keep anger in check would be to have some water or take deep breaths between the moves. If you feel angry while playing online rummy, you can shift that energy to focus on your strategies and make decisive moves.


Overexcitement Emoji

Overexcitement is an emotion that can take you from a winning position to a losing one in no time. For example, if you are overjoyed after receiving favourable cards, chances are that you might go into overconfidence mode. This will hamper your ability to stay in the present and execute the right moves.

Overexcitement can lead you to embarrassing moments such as making an invalid declaration. Avoid extreme emotions such as overexcitement, as they dampen your focus from the process. Stay focussed, even when you think that you are dealt with winning cards. Remember in the game of rummy, your one wrong decision can undo all the right decisions that you have taken.



A muddled mind or a state of confusion is never good, as it will lead to a bad decision. You must have a clear and flexible plan that will help you win the game. Clear strategies will ensure that you do not get confused, while flexibility will ensure that you won’t get ruffled even when the opponent makes out-of-the-box moves.

If you know how to play rummy and are in a state of absolute clarity, you won’t experience any confusion. But, if you are new to the game, there are chances that you might feel out of place. To avoid such situations, you can try your hands first at practice games, watch demos, and elevate your rummy skills. Play confusion-free to enhance your chances of winning, as having an iota of doubt can cost you an online rummy game.




Winning and losing is a part of the game, many players fail to understand this. While some can graciously accept the defeat and learn from their mistakes, some just don’t get over the defeat and dwell in their loss.

It is natural to feel sad when you lose the game, but what is more important is that you come out of it, understand what went wrong, and come out stronger like a true warrior. Rummy is a game of fun, so play it in the right spirit and have fun. Never let emotions such as sadness affect your game, as these emotions are no good to your chances of winning. If you are going through a losing streak, take a break, play more practice games, work on your online rummy skills, and then come back with a bang.

If the above-mentioned emotions are getting the better of you, you can take a break by using the self-exclusion feature on the First Games app. Master the art of keeping your emotions under check and you will get better at executing your rummy skills to perfection.

If you have control over your emotions and want to be a pro at online rummy, play rummy online for free and cash on India’s most loved online rummy app, First Games, Now!

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