Online rummy is a skill-based game, which needs a lot of thinking and analysis to win. However, even when we try our best, things don’t always go our way. You may find yourself losing the game because your opponents are much more experienced than you are. Or, luck may not be on your side and maybe you have been dealt a bad hand.

So what do you do? You should drop out. If you are someone who has recently started playing rummy, you need to know about the importance of dropping out when the time is right.

What is a drop?

Dropping is one of the strategies you need to learn to master rummy. You drop when you can’t arrange your cards to win. The goal of rummy is to form at least one pure sequence and one more valid supported sequence (pure or impure). The remaining cards should be arranged invalid sequences, or sets (3 or 4 cards of the same rank but from different suits).

If many cards in your hand are unmatched and for quite some time you haven’t been able to group your cards into valid sets and sequences, then it is time to quit the game.

It is better to go out when you realize that there aren’t many chances of winning. You will not incur too many points. 

Leaving the game at the start or in the middle is called a drop.

Types of drop

The following are the different types of drops in online rummy

1. First drop

If you leave the game early, on the first turn itself, it is called the first drop. The moment you realize that you do not have a joker or most of your cards are unmatched, opt for this drop.

The first drop will cost you 20 points.

2.   Middle Drop

When you leave the game of online rummy anytime after the first turn, it would be the middle drop. Suppose you have been able to match a few cards and there exists a possibility of grouping, but you don’t have a joker and even after a few rounds of drawing cards, you still don’t get a joker, then you should drop out. This move will cost you 40 points.

3.   The Automatic Drop

If you have missed 3 rounds in a row, then you are automatically dropped from the rummy game. The penalty is 40 points.

Remember, when you don’t pick a card, then it amounts to the first drop. Besides, if you leave the game after picking a card from the closed deck, it amounts to the middle drop.

Examples of situations when you should consider dropping-

Here are a few scenarios when dropping out of rummy is the best option-

  1.   You have plenty of high-value cards such as Ace, Queen, King, or Jack (each has 10 points). However, you don’t have the mid-value in-between cards to support them. Playing with high-value cards alone will add far too many points to your score. Drop out instead and secure 20 points.
  2.   Without a joker, it is not easy to win rummy online. So if you have not been dealt a joker and a good hand that helps you win, then it would be best if you drop out.
  3.   When you are playing rummy for cash, and you can’t arrange your cards, then drop out the moment you realize that winning will be difficult or you may lose a lot of money.

But you don’t always have to drop

Even if you have trouble arranging your cards, if you have a printed joker as well as a wild joker, then your chances of winning are quite high. The Joker cards can take the place of missing cards when you form valid sets and impure sequences. So keep playing.

With persistent practice on a platform like Paytm First Games, which offers secure and speedy transactions and exciting tournaments, you can learn the nuances of rummy and start winning in no time.

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