Rummy 500 – Everything You Need to Know About Rummy 500

Rummy 500 is an extremely fun version of rummy that is played between 2 to 8 people. This game is played over multiple rounds and comes to an end when one player reaches 500 points. Points in rummy 500 are scored by melding cards that is by making certain combinations of cards. Make sure that you understand how to play 500 rummy before you start enjoying this thrilling rummy game with your friends.

Setting up Rummy 500 Game

To get started with rummy 500, you will need a few simple materials. The materials include a pen or a pencil, some paper. Use a single standard deck with 2 jokers if there are 2 to 4 players, else use 2 standard decks for 5 to 8 players. The game requires 2 to 8 players, including you.

Shuffling the cards is fun, isn’t it? Yes, shuffle the cards thoroughly, probably by using the ‘riffle shuffle’ technique. This method includes dividing the deck into half and bending the two halves in your hands. Then you riffle the two halves together.

Now is the most exciting part, dealing of cards. Select a random dealer, who will deal the cards in clockwise order, that is, he will deal the cards starting from the player on his left-hand side. The dealer will deal one card at a time (face down) until the required number of cards are dealt. If there are 3 or more players, each player will receive 7 cards. When the game is played between 2 players, each player will get 13 cards. The remaining cards are kept in a stockpile, also known as the draw pile.

Rummy 500 Rules and Objectives

The objective is to meld the cards at hand as early as possible and score 500 points first. Cards can be melded by making sets, such as a series of 3 or 4 Queens, 2s, 6s, etc. or by making sequences of 3 or more cards of the same suit. The round is over when one player melds all the cards or when the stockpile runs out. Along with these melds, a player can lay down 1-2 cards that match with the existing meld of any other player on the table. For example, if a player has melded 3 Queens, the other player can lay down the remaining Queen. Jokers are wild cards.

All face cards carry 10 points each, while Aces carry 15 points when used as high. Jokers carry 15 points, while the remaining cards are worth their face value.

If one player melds all the cards, the points of the remaining players are calculated as follows:

Points = points earned by melding – points of cards that are not melded.

Playing the Rummy 500 Game

To know how to win 500 rummy, you must know how it is played. The player to the left of the dealer starts the round by picking a card that is laid down or the one from the stockpile. If he uses it, he has to discard one from his hand. The round moves in a clockwise direction.

Another option is that a player can pick a card from the discard pile. The discard pile should be widely spread; if any player has to pick a card at the bottom of the discard pile, he will need to pick all the cards above it as well. Lay down the melds for other players to see. Before you discard any card, the meld should be placed. Once you discard a card, the play moves to the next player.

Keep playing until one player reaches 500 points or more. If more than one player reaches 500 points in the same round, then the player with the maximum points is declared as the winner.

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