How to Play Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the most-played card games in the world. The attraction of this card game lies in the fact that you can play it all by yourself. You don’t need anyone else to participate. It is a ‘solitary’ game. So, if you want some quiet me-time and to keep your brain engaged, then solitaire is the game for you.

Solitaire was developed probably in the Baltic region of Europe sometime in the 18th century. Going by the movements of the cards in this game, it most likely originated from fortune-telling using cards. In 1783, we find the first mention of the card game Solitaire in an ancient German book of card games. 

The game is so popular that, when computers came into our lives, it was one of the earliest games to be included in Windows. 

How to win Solitaire card games Online?

When you learn how to play solitaire, the first thing you need to know is that you have to try to get all of your cards into 4 foundations. There has to be 1 foundation pile for every suit, and they need to be arranged in ascending order, from Ace to King. You will end the game when you finish the four foundations.

How to play Solitaire Online?

To play solitaire, you will need a standard deck of 52 playing cards. There must be cards ranked from 2-10, an Ace, a Jack, a Queen, and a King. 

There must be 4 suits – Clubs, Spades, Hearts, and Diamonds, and in each suit, there will have to be 13 cards.

Now, you can start to play Solitaire.

To start, you will have to place one card face up and 6 cards face down separately to the right of the face-up card. That means there are 7 separate cards. Now, repeat the process starting from the second card. Then, you will have to place a face-up card on top of the second card and then place face-down cards on top of the 5 cards to the right. Then again, you will have to place a face-up card on the 3rd pile and place face-down cards on the 4 piles to the right. Continue this way until you have a face-up card in every pile.  

Now, you will have to place all the remaining cards in a stack to one side. 

Now, the solitaire card games begin. Take a look at the face-up cards and see if you can move any of the face-up cards so that you can access the face-down cards that are underneath. It is possible to move a face-up card to the bottom of another column of cards but only if the face-up card is a different color and a higher rank.

After moving a face-up card, you will be exposing a face-down card that is just underneath it. You will have to flip the card to make it face up.   

If you have a face-up card that is an Ace, then remove the card from the pile and set it down above the card piles or playing area. 

This will start one of the four foundation piles that you will need to produce to end the game. 

If you find a 2 of the suit that the Ace was from, you can remove it from its pile and place it on top of the Ace. The next card to join the Ace and the 2 would be the 3 of that suit. You will have to continue until you have all cards of that suit in that foundation. 

In the meantime, you will have to keep moving the face-up cards in the 7 piles of the playing area. 

A time will come when you will not be able to flip more cards. In that case, take the top 3 cards from the pile where you kept the extra cards. Flip them to face up. Check to see if you can utilize any of the top cards you flipped. If a card can be played, play it. Check if you can play the card underneath the card. If that can’t be done, take 3 more cards from the extra cards pile. You can flip 3 cards from this reserve pile when you are stuck. You will have to keep playing until you have created all the suit piles (4) by moving the cards.

So there you have it, the fundamentals of how to play solitaire. Solitaire card games require considerable patience to complete. The rules may seem a little complex at first. But after a few games, things will become clearer to you. 

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