How to Play Indian Rummy Online with Friends?

Indians love to celebrate every small thing and live life to the fullest. Games play a vital role in their celebration of life, especially when friends and family gather together. One of the most played and enjoyed card games among Indians is the Indian rummy.

Today, meeting friends or cousins gathering together is a rare sight, as the fast-paced world has kept everyone busy in their Toworlds. But what if we tell you that you can still play your favourite card game with your friends. Yes, too good to be true right? Many online rummy platforms allow you to play online rummy with friends, where you can enjoy the game and spend some virtual time with your loved ones.

But the question remains, how to play online rummy with friends? There are a few steps you need to follow in your quest to play online rummy with friends.

Step 1: Download an Online Rummy App

To get started with playing online rummy, the first thing you need to do is download an online rummy app that meets your gaming needs. There are online rummy apps such as the First Games that elevate your online rummy experience.

To download any cash rummy app, you will need to visit the website of the app. Enter your mobile number once you visit the website. You will get a download link. Click on the link to download the app.

Once the app is downloaded, install it. Sign up with a mobile number or use your Email ID and password. Most online rummy platforms will offer an amazing sign up / welcome bonus, use the same and get started with some amazing online rummy games of your choice. Make sure you get the best online rummy app so that you experience online rummy like never before with your friends.

Step 2: Refer your Friends

Playing online rummy is fun, but it gets even more exciting when played with friends, one of the reasons being you and your opponents know each other inside out. But how do you get your opponents on the same online rummy platform? Well, the answer to this is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is share the rummy referral code with your friends, using which they can download the same online rummy platform. Plus, these referral programs offer benefits to both parties in terms of bonuses and rewards.

Online rummy platforms also allow you to create a rummy room, where your friends can join you by using the invite link that you provide. You can pick any game mode from Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, or Pool Rummy. Decide a time that works best for everyone and then join the rummy tables to have unlimited gaming fun.

Step 3: Stay Competitive while having Fun

Yes, it is very important to enjoy Indian rummy online games, especially when played with friends. But do not forget to stay competitive and win games. To enhance your rummy skills every game is crucial, so play every game to win.

With friends, you will mostly know their strengths and weaknesses and so will they. Here, along with using top rummy tips and tricks, you will also need to play a few mind games that will give you an edge over your opponents. Try to stay one step ahead by using your rummy skills, deceive them with your tricks, and keep winning.

Step 4: Use these Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win

The feeling of winning is all that you play for. To win games you need to sharpen your rummy skills and also use some strategies. Some of the tips and tricks that you can use while playing online rummy games are as follows:

Clever Use of Jokers

If you know how to play rummy, you will also know that jokers are the most significant cards in the game of rummy. They help rummy players form sets and impure sequences quickly. Plus, jokers carry zero points, so even if you lose, they won’t cost you anything. If jokers are used wisely, you can meld the cards at hand quickly, and make a valid declaration to win.

Discard High-Value Cards Early

High-value cards such as Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks carry 10 points each. Holding such cards for a long time, especially when you have been dealt a bad hand, can cost you a lot. Make sure you discard these high-value cards at the earliest to avoid a heavy defeat. 

Focus on making a Pure Sequence First

You cannot win Indian rummy online game without a pure sequence. Focus on making a pure sequence first, then you can go for sets and impure sequences. The absence of a pure sequence can cost you 80 points.

Revisit your Strategies

Some pre-planned strategies may not work, as opponents may pull off an unexpected move. You will need to think on your feet to counter such moves. In order to do this, keep a close watch on opponents’ every move, and analyze their game plan. This will help you anticipate their upcoming moves.

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