Gift your Sister something special by using your Rummy Skills – Raksha Bandhan 2021

The memories of all those endless fights, teasing, being the solid rock in each other’s lives, caring, and sharing will come back on 22nd August, as brothers and sisters across the country will celebrate this beautiful relationship on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Do you remember your sister tying the thread on your hand and giving you a laddu or any other sweet? How sweet those memories were, weren’t they? This Raksha Bandhan make them all the more special by gifting your sister something that she will cherish.

But how will you gift her something special in case you are tight on budgets? You don’t need to worry now, as your online rummy skills will come to your rescue. You won’t have to think twice before buying any gift for your dear sister who means the world to you.

Playing Cash Games and Tournaments on the First Games App

Raksha Bandhan 2021

If you know how to play rummy, you can easily join cash tables and highly-rewarding tournaments to win exciting cash prizes. There are multiple no-wait cash tables where you can showcase your sharp rummy skills, get the best of your opponents.

Currently, there is a Freedom Fiesta Tournament that is being played on the First  Games platform; you can be a part of it and win real cash from a prize pool of Rs. 50 Lakhs. The ultimate winner of this tournament will proudly walk away with a whopping winning amount of Rs. 10 Lakhs. There are more such tournaments that you can check on the First Games app and website.

So, if you are an online rummy fan and want to gift your sister something special, the First Games app is the perfect place to be.

Some Raksha Bandhan Gift Suggestions

You have known your sister for a long time, but we would like to suggest some gifts that she might really like. Strengthen your brother-sister bond by gifting her one or many of the following:


Music is known to completely relax a person. A nice pair of headphones enhances the music quality and takes the listener to a whole new world. If your sister likes listening to music, audio books, podcasts, or any other type of content, you can gift her a quality pair of headphones. This Raksha Bandhan, bring a smile to your sister’s face.


If your sister loves jewelry, you can gift her nice earrings, a necklace, or any other jewelry. Figure out what kind of jewelry she would like and gift her the one which would suit her the most.


The emotion behind tying a thread to a brother is that sister knows her brother will be her strongest support and protect her in any situation. The watch will signify that no matter what time it is, you will always be there for your sister. Plus, a nice watch always looks good on the wrist.


If your sister is into reading, you can always gift her books of her favourite author/s. Understand what kind of books she likes and order accordingly.


Buy the latest trending clothes for your sister; she will be overjoyed for sure. Select the clothes from an online store, or if possible visit offline ones, so that there is no chance of wrong selection or late delivery.

Makeup Accessories

If your sister likes makeup, then pick the perfect set of makeup brushes. This will surely make her happy. If you are not good at selecting makeup accessories or have never brought one, take help from your friends, but make sure you select the best ones.

Perfume Set

A nice perfume can elevate anyone’s mood. This Raksha Bandhan, gift your sister a nice cologne.

Fitness Band

If your sister is into fitness or is trying to get into fitness, a quality fitness band is the best gift that you can give. You can also suggest some nice fitness groups or gift her a gym membership.

Photo Frame

A photo frame that has a childhood photo of you and your sister will make her happy. All the memories will come back to life and this moment will be one to remember.

Cook for her  

Everybody has a favorite food item that not only fills their stomach but also soothes their soul. Cook something that your sister loves a lot and celebrate the day in the most amazing way ever. 

Empowering your sister with Rummy Skills

Why should you have all the rummy fun? Introduce your sister to this fascinating online card game, rummy and watch as she develops the necessary skills and start winning consistently. By becoming a pro, she will start winning more rummy games and winning real cash.

But the question remains how will you teach make her comfortable with online rummy. You can follow some easy steps to introduce to her rummy and make her familiar with the game.

Introduce her to the Common Rummy Terms

Each game has its own terms that are necessary to understand. Without understanding these basic rummy terms, no one will be able to make a progress in online rummy. Make your sister familiar with rummy terms such as sequence, set, melding, drop, draw and discard, jokers, and many more.

Explain the Rummy Objectives and Rules

To understand the game of rummy, your sister will need to know rules and objectives of rummy. Without knowing rules and objectives, she will not be able to make valid declarations and win the game.

The objective of a rummy game is to meld all the cards in hand into valid sequences and sets. Two sequences, out of which at least one should be a pure sequence, are must to make a valid declaration. You can introduce your sister to rummy rules by giving her proper examples.

Resolve her Doubts

While your sister is new to rummy, she will have many doubts. Resolve such doubts and ensure that those doubts are actually cleared. You can also ask your sister to download India’s best online rummy app, First Games, where she can play practice rummy games and enhance her rummy skills.

Share Winning Tips and Tricks

Indian Rummy Rules and Tips

Give a head start to your sister’s online rummy journey by sharing some valuable online rummy tips and tricks such as sorting the cards properly, making pure sequences first, keeping a track on your opponents’ moves, discarding high-value cards, and many more.

This Raksha Bandhan have a cracking rummy time together. Download the First Games rummy app and play one rummy game together. You can refer this app to your sister and both can win exciting prizes. So, what are you waiting for? Make this Raksha Bandhan special by spending some quality time with your sister and playing online rummy together!

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