Funny Memes that will Bring a Smile on Every Rummy Player’s Face

While there are many things that bring a smile to your face, online rummy and memes based on rummy games are a rich source of entertainment too. Memes that are relatable invoke an emotion so strong that you can’t hide a brimming smile.

The meme marketing game has been on top in recent years, just like online rummy. If you know how to play rummy and have played so on online rummy platforms, you will get mesmerized by these memes that speak volumes about the emotions that a rummy player goes through.

Rummy memes are a deadly combination of the most popular card game and a creative fun element. Rummy is a game that requires patience and is high on entertainment, rummy memes require a lot of creativity and are also high on entertainment. The following rummy memes are so funny and relatable that they will bring a genuine smile to the face of any rummy enthusiast.

Laugh your Hearts out with these Funny Rummy Memes

Oh No! Invalid Declaration

invalid declaration

If you think that losing a game of rummy is the worst feeling ever, then you clearly have not made an invalid declaration yet. As tough as it is to lose a game of rummy, it is more embarrassing to lose by making an invalid declaration. The meme above shows the pain that every rummy player goes through after an invalid declaration. There are many reasons why any player might make an invalid declaration, such as excitement to win, lack of knowledge, loss of concentration, etc. It is important to stay focused throughout the game so that you don’t land up in an embarrassing situation.

No Jokers Please!!

pure sequence and jokers

Who doesn’t love jokers? Hold on, there is actually someone who doesn’t. Yes, they go by the name of Pure sequences. Pure sequences are a series of 3 or more cards of the same suit. If you want to win a game of rummy, it is mandatory to have a pure sequence. Make sure that you form a pure sequence first before going for sets and impure sequences.

Rummy Beginners’ Dilemma

rummy beginner

Playing online rummy for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for beginners. To get rid of any nerves that they have, it is recommended that they go through the online rummy platform thoroughly, play a few practice games, and sharpen their rummy skills. Once you are confident enough, you can always move to the cash games where you can showcase your skills and win exciting prizes. So, are you ready to go from ‘hum yaha pe kya karne aye hein’ to ‘hum jaha khade hote hai, line wahi se shuru hoti h’? If yes, start playing online rummy on the best rummy app, First Games.

The demo is Must for Every New Rummy Player

rummy demo

When you are new to an online rummy app, the app tries to make you comfortable by providing demos. The demos help you get familiar with the app and also the basics of the game. Along with demos, the apps have practice games where rummy newbies can play and sharpen their rummy skills. The mantra to become a pro player is practice, practice, and practice. Make sure that you go through the demo and play practice games so that you can ace the game in the coming days.

No Better Feeling than Winning Consistently!

winning streak

What is more satisfying than winning a rummy game? The answer probably would be a series of winning games. Amir Khan in the above meme is every rummy player who gets on a winning spree, thanks to rummy skills and smart strategies used. While winning rummy games consistently is a skill of the highest order, ensure that you always play responsibly.

Because that is what Heroes do!

never say die attitude

If an average hand is dealt, a rummy beginner might be tempted to drop out of the game without even trying. But a pro rummy player will analyze the cards at hand, revisit his strategies, and decide his future moves. An experienced rummy player will keep a close eye on his opponents’ moves so that he can anticipate their upcoming moves. Staying one step ahead of your opponent is very crucial. You need to be confident throughout the game, and that confidence comes only if you start playing and winning more games. Always carry the ‘never say die attitude’ if you want to be a successful online rummy player.

Oh Yes! That is exactly what I Wanted

card rummy player wants

The primary goal of every rummy player is to meld the cards as early as possible and make a valid declaration. In order to do this, he needs cards that help him form a pure sequence, an impure sequence, and sets. It can be agonizing if you are not able to find the right card. The meme above shows how a rummy player feels when he gets the required card after a long time. To win a game of online rummy, it is very important to stay patient, concentrate on the game, deceive opponents with your moves, and hope that you get the required cards as early as possible. To be the ultimate rummy player keep sharpening your rummy skills.

We hope that you could relate to the above funny rummy memes and that they brought a smile to your face. As funny as these memes are, online rummy is super exciting. Play rummy online on India’s most trusted online rummy app, First Games and win exciting cash prizes.

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