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History of the Rummy Game

It has often been argued that Rummy originated as a variation of the Chinese game Mahjong in which players are required to draw and discard tiles to form acceptable sequences. However, others argue that this game originated from the Spanish variation of the card game known as Conquian. Popular card game lore says that this game was brought by the Spanish into Latin America from where it moved to the North Americas and came to be known as Rummy. The most popular variation of rummy that is played today is the Indian Rummy, which is said to have originated from Gin Rummy and Rummy 500.

Rewards of Playing Rummy Online

Since the beginning of the 21st century, rummy and many other cards and casino games have taken to online platforms. The online rummy gaming platforms in India like Paytm First Games offer some of the most attractive buy-in prices and equally enticing rewards. When playing rummy online you not only have the chance to win real cash prizes upon securing a win, but you also benefit from a mentally and socially rewarding experience. Feeding that competitive spirit by engaging in exceedingly challenging gameplay formats like Contract Rummy can often prove to be a driver to boosting mental prowess.

How to Download the Paytm First Games Rummy App

The Paytm First Games rummy app is one of the most user-friendly and seamless online rummy experiences. You can easily make cash deposits for a tournament or cash rummy game buy-ins either from your Paytm wallet or bank account. To download the Paytm First Games rummy app, all you have to do is head over to the Paytm First Games official website and scan the QR code with your cell phone’s QR scanner. You will get a link to download the rummy app from this QR code. Another way to do this is to enter your mobile number on the website, and you will receive an SMS with the link to download the rummy app.

Benefits of Playing Indian Rummy

There are several benefits of playing Indian rummy online:

The Basic Rummy Rules

The most popular variant of rummy is Indian rummy, and it is played with a minimum of 2 decks of cards. The objective of the game is to meld all the cards in your hand and declare before your opponents do so. Rummy is a game in which players are required to draw and discard on each turn and ultimately arrange all their cards into valid sequences and sets to garner the least possible points on the table.

Play Rummy 24*7 with Paytm First Games

After you have downloaded the Paytm First Games rummy app, you will have to go through the details of the gameplay if you’re a beginner. With due practice, you can become a formidable rummy player and play rummy round the clock to win hefty cash rewards.

Some Helpful Rummy Tips

To enhance your rummy skills, you can take the help of some useful rummy tips that have been tried and tested on the rummy table. For example, you can begin by discarding all lower value cards to give your opponent the impression that you have a strong hand. This may persuade them to drop the game.

Why is Paytm First Games India’s No. 1 Rummy App?

Paytm is India’s most trusted non-banking financial company, and therefore, the same trust can be placed on Paytm First Games as well. The highly encrypted payment gateway used by Paytm First Games allows rummy players to immerse themselves in the rich rummy experience without the fear of data theft.

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