Download and play the exciting Call Break Multiplayer Game on your Android Mobile

Card games are the best way to spend your leisure time or win real money online. One such card game that is making rapid strides popularity-wise is the call break multiplayer game. The rules and the point system of this card game are easy to understand, and the fun offered is unlimited. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Playing Call Break Multiplayer Game Online

The call break game is played between 4 players with a single deck of 52 cards (no jokers). A dealer is decided before the start of the first round; the player on the right side of the dealer makes the first throw. The game then moves in an anti-clockwise direction. Every player receives 13 cards each and before making the first throw every player calls a bid (number of tricks he is going to score).

Points are distributed according to the number of tricks committed to and scored. The winner of this game is the player who scores maximum points at the end of the predecided number of rounds.

The most important thing that every card break enthusiast should keep in mind is that Spades are the trump cards. When the first thrower throws a card as a lead suit, every other player should throw a high-value card of the same suit. For example, if the first thrower throws 10 as a lead suit, then other players should throw J or Q or K or A. Spades being the trump cards, you need to use them wisely to score the tricks. The power of cards from high to low is A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.

The call break game point system works as follows:

  1. If a player scores the number of tricks he has committed to at the start of a round, he gets awarded with the points equivalent to the number of tricks scored.

Example: Player A bids 2 calls and wins 2 tricks. He gets 2 points.

  1. If a player fails to score the number of tricks he has committed to at the start of a round, he gets penalized with the points equivalent to the number of tricks committed to.

Example: Player B bids 3 calls and wins only 2 tricks. He is penalized and gets -3 points.

  1. If a player scores more tricks than what he has committed to, then he gets points equivalent to that of the number of tricks committed plus 0.1 points for every extra trick scored.

Example: Player C bids 3 calls and wins 4 tricks. He gets 3.1 points (0.1 points for every extra trick won).

This card game is high on entertainment and makes your leisure time exciting.   

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