Are Face Cards Equivalent Representation of Real People?

Online rummy games are fascinating and export us to the whole new world of entertainment like never before. These games are highly intriguing, thanks to the skills involved and the amount of strategies that need to be used to come out on top. Online rummy games have become popular in recent years and players across the globe relish playing them.

There are many questions around rummy, online rummy, face cards, and so on that intrigue us. Questions such as what is the significance of red and black colours in card games? Why the four suites, hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs? What is the origin of card games? What is the significance of face cards? These are just a few questions that would have crossed the minds of many rummy players.

Make sure these questions are not on your mind while playing rummy online, as that might affect your game. While most of the questions have been answered in our previous blog posts, we try to answer some new questions every time we feel that the question is the most common one. Today, we try to understand one common question that has been on the minds of rummy players for a long, are face cards equivalent representations of real people?

What are Face Cards?

A single standard deck consists of 52 cards that are divided into 4 suits of 13 cards each. The four suites are diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs. Face cards are cards with a pictorial representation. There are 3 face cards in each suit, which are Jack, Queen, and King. These cards are also high-value cards, which means they carry 10 points each (subject to change according to the game variant).

If you know how to play rummy and are aware of top online rummy tips and tricks, then you must have heard that discarding the high-value cards (face cards) at the earliest is a wise move. Yes, this is a great rummy tip, especially if there is little or no chance of forming sets and sequences with them.

Do Face Cards represent Real People?

Playing cards have a rich history, so there are many questions around them. One such question is, do face cards represent real people? To understand this, we need to travel through history a bit.

In the 15th century, the first-ever picture cards were manufactured in Europe. These face cards were amazing and captivated the attention of many. The artistic nature of these cards and symbols used, made them stand out from the rest. Many card lovers across the world believe that these face cards represent royalties from France or the Monarchs from the Tudor times. As per one historian, these cards are not based on real people. These cards are a simple representation of the accessories and clothing worn by the royals of Europe.

There are many contradicting theories that prevail too. One such theory of scholars says that the card deck features queens and kings of a particular time. The artwork of these face cards varied from place to place. The 16th century British and French card decks represented images of four great empires, which include Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, and the biblical King David on the king cards.

The queens on the queen cards represent the wives of the emperors or the goddesses at that particular time. Cards with images of Athena the goddess and Rachel, the wife of biblical Jacob were some of the popular face cards during those times. The German and Spanish decks had other ideas, as they got rid of female figures from their playing cards.

During the 16th century in France, there was a trend to assign literary figures or famous personalities to court cards. This trend was not universally accepted and faded out in a short span of time. Different regions had their own choices for face cards. So, it is popularly believed that literary figures and famous persons of the time are related to the court cards.

The history around playing cards is so rich that it always excites and intrigues rummy players. If you are a card gaming enthusiast, you will be aware and love playing card games such as solitaire, bridge, poker, and rummy. While these are card games that you may love to a varying degree, rummy has to be the most popular card game among them.

In the past few years, an online version of rummy has hit heights of popularity in the gaming industry. There are various variants of rummy that you can play and enjoy online. The scope to showcase your rummy skills and win massive cash prizes is immense in online rummy. If you know how to play rummy, online rummy platforms could be your go-to place.

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